Home Gardening Tips

Home Gardening Tips

Select one of the tips below:

Tip #1: Budget and Planning

Plan your garden and budget before planting your crops, it’ll help you reap the best harvest possible. Make a decision on:

How much space you want for your garden?

If you are very new, start small. Don’t expect it to be perfect, having a small manageable garden like a plant or two will keep you rolling. Generally, we can harvest at least 400 grams of vegetables per week from a small home vegetable garden depending on the crops.

There are many methods to plant vegetables. If you have a good budget, you can consider options that are more ergonomic friendly like elevated planters with auto irrigation. Refer to guide “How to Grow Vegetables” on other growing options.

What fruits, herbs and vegetables you’d want to grow?

List down what you would like to grow and the duration it will take to harvest. The list will help you plan your garden better.

Where do you want to plant?

There are a few criteria to look at for choosing the right spot. Refer to Step 1 on our “How to Grow Vegetables” guide.

Tip #2: Have a good variety

Planting a good variety will prevent your dinners from being boring. For example you decided to plant lettuce and use up all the seeds in the packet you bought, three weeks later there will be lots of lettuce ready for harvest. So, unless you are a big fan of lettuce you will end up eating it every day and night.

For variety, consider planting a mixture of vegetable, herbs, edible flowers, medicinal plants and/or fruit trees.

Tip #3: Have at least one Productive Plant

Having a productive that give you a continuous harvest and is almost labor free will give you some satisfaction. For example:

Tip #4: Invest on tools

Investing in proper garden tools assists you in your garden and protects your plants. For example:

  • trowel
  • rake
  • watering can
  • gardening shears
  • round shovel
  • digging fork