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Who are we

About Us

Thank you for visiting our humble page, MY Vegetable Patch where we have been growing our own food since 2009. What started as a platform to experiment with growing vegetables from seeds on a small corner has now converted into a garden full of edibles.

It is of great pride that every time we serve our guests produce from the garden, we see them going for more servings. In fact over the years family, friends and neighbors come knocking at our door looking to get fresh produce. They want produce that they know the growers will eat and feed their family. In addition to that it is fresh, crunchy, packed with natural sweetness and most importantly free from chemical pesticides.

Although there are fresh organic produce in the markets, it is still not guaranteed to be fully organic. Why? Having spoken to many, according to them to be fully organic the cost is just too high for commercial scale.

Now what do we do?

This is the reason why we have set this website up. We want fresh quality produce to be accessible. Home growers do get excess of what they need so we are offering home grown produce to everyone. Here we offer organize gardening workshops, share tips and tricks, recommend quality products and offer gardening advises too.


To have edible garden within reach to everyone.


To have food grown instead of non-functional gardens improving food security and community’s health.


  • Continuous improvement – we are open to learning and strive to continuously improve ourselves.
  • Passion – we love and enjoy what we do
  • Commitment – we strive to do and provide our best
  • Community and environment – we want to create a healthy community and environment

About the Logo

The logo is designed with an heart shape in mind to represent our passion in growing.

The heart shape is constructed from two letters “M” and “Y”, representing the country of origin (Malaysia, MY). Coincidentally the founder’s initial is “M” and “Y” too.

The overall logo and colour looks like green leafy vegetable with the internal “V” representing the word vegetable and the side leaf representing “P” for Patch.

Grower Profile – Man Yee

Since young Man Yee’s father is often seen in the garden during his spare time. Her interest in plants and plant nutrients grew and her world of gardening opened up after she went to a few garden shows whilst living in the United Kingdom. Back then there were already a lot of emphasis on converting lawns into vegetable gardening landscape. With all these inspiration she started growing potted herbs in her kitchen to save costs and realized that plants grows well under her care.

After a few years returning to Malaysia, her family started growing their own vegetables as a hobby. Now her garden is full of edibles.

Other Grower Profile 

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Homegrown Produce

Here are the vegetables we have available. Some are readily available and some are growing in process. We are offering you what we feed our family with which is natural, safe and free from chemical sprays. In return please contribute to the costs involve to help us to continue our hobby

Currently Available

Growing in Progress

We are sharing the growing process of our vegetables via pictures. Some vegetables takes about 2 months to fully grow and some can take much longer. You are more than welcome to pre-book these.

You love growing your own too? Awesome! Come and join us


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