GARDENA Lawn Edging (Green)


  • Clean lawn edges: With this Lawn Edging, you will easily and quickly achieve clean lawn edges for a pleasant, tidy optical appearance.
  • No overgrowth: Thanks to the Lawn Edging, everything remains where it should and overgrowth is prevented.
  • High-quality material: The high-quality plastic of the Lawn Edging is weather-resistant and longlife.
  • Optically inconspicuous: Kept in earth colours, the Lawn Edging blends in with the natural surroundings and does not unpleasantly stand out.

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The GARDENA Lawn Edging is made of high-quality plastic and achieves clean lawn edges. Thanks to the clear edge, overgrowth and a spreading of roots is prevented. The roll covers 9 metres and is available in a height of 15cm