SERBAJADI Seeds Dwarf Bean – Kacang Renek ( BBS048 ) (+/- 10 Seeds)


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Serbajadi Dwarf Bean – Vigna sesquipalis (Leguminosae)

Dwarf Bean is a unique bush type French bean, but is shorter, upright and non-climbing and can be grown without poles and supports.  Plants grow vigorously in warm climate and are suitable for commercial and home gardening. They are very productive, producing light green pods. It is a very popular legume grown for its immature pods which are highly nutritious and are eaten either raw or cooked. The beans are first blanched and then added to a mixture of vegetable salads. Dwarf Dean can also be stir fried or cooked with coconut milk.

Type of vegetable: Seeds bearing pods



Best soils: Do best in full sun on fertile, slightly alkaline soil, improved with plenty of   organic matter. The plant tolerates acid soils and can be grown in areas with very low rainfall.

How to plant: Asparagus Bean should be grown in bed in row of 15-20 feet.

When to harvest: This variety starts to have flowers 40 days after sowing and can be harvested about two weeks later.

How to harvest:  Cut pods with a pair of scissors.

Care: Water generously when flowering starts, to encourage pods to set. Avoid applying too much nitrogen-rich fertiliser. Leave the nutrient-rich roots to break down in the soil after harvest.



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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