SERBAJADI Round Leaf Green Amaranth Seeds / Biji Benih Bayam Hijau Daun Berbulat / 圆叶苋菜种子 ( BBS052 ) (+/- 235 Seeds)


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Serbajadi Round Leaf Green Amaranth – Amaranthus spp.

Green Amaranth or Chinese Spinach is a popular vegetable which is very easy to grow and widely distributed throughout the tropics. This short-lived annual plant with erect stems which are thick and fleshy is rich in vitamins and minerals. The plant is heat tolerant and mature early. The plant should be washed well and the leaves pulled off the stems before cooking. It can be steamed, simmered in soups, or cooked in coconut milk with root vegetables such as sweet potato or pumpkin.

Type of vegetable: Leafy

Edible parts: Leaves; shoots, stems



Best soil: Fertile, well-drained

How to plant: Sow seeds ¼” deep, ½” apart, in rows spaced 2 feet apart, thin seedlings 24” apart

When to harvest: 30 days after sowing of seeds when leaves are 6” to 8” (15-25 cm) tall.

How to harvest: For greens, use whole plant when they are small; carefully pull out whole plant from the ground.  For large plants, cut off 3” to 4” from base of stems

Care: Keep soil moist. Weed regularly. Nitrogenous fertilisers are required during active growth.



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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