Butterfly Pea Flower

English name: Butterfly Pea Flower, Asian Pigeonwings, Bluebellvine, Blue Pea, Butterfly Pea, Cordofan Pea, Darwin Pea, Pigeon Wings
Malay name: Bunga Telang, Bunga Biru, Kachang Telang
Chinese name: 蓝花

“A natural colourant”

Botanical name: Clitoria ternatea
Family: Fabaaceae

Description: A perennial climber cultivated for its attractive flowers commonly used as a food dye

Therapeutic category: Ayurvedic medicine


  • inflamed eyes
  • neurological health (memory enchancing)
  • anti-depressant
  • anxiolytic
  • anti-pyretic
  • nootropic
  • anti-stress
  • anti-convulsant
  • tranquilizing
  • sedative properties
  • female libido
  • prevent gray hair
  • reduces premature hair loss.
  • good eyesight
  • neutralizes free radicals in the body
  • improves blood circulation
  • prevent glaucoma and cataract

Preparation and dosage:

Medicinal uses

  • Roots: as ayurvedic medicine in India
  • White flowers: as traditional medicines, in Java
  • Leaves: as poultices
  • Juice of the flowers: treat inflamed eyes
  • Seeds: as poultices to treat swollen joints, in the Philippines

Culinary uses

  • Fresh blue flowers: food colouring, health drink, garnishing or eaten as vegetable.
  • Dried blue flowers: food colouring or health drink

Other uses

  • As a natural dye
  • As a fodder crop