Common Nettle

English name: Common Nettle, Nettle Leaf, Stinging Nettle
Malay name: Jelatang, jelatang umum
Chinese name: 异株荨麻, 刺荨麻, 大荨麻, 普通荨麻

“Natural anti-inflammation”

Botanical name: Urtica dioica
Family: Urticaceae

Description: Tall (about 2 meters) herb plant with toothed leaves. Both stem and leaves have stinging and non-stinging plant hairs (trichomes)


  1. Leaves
    • hay fever
    • diabetes
    • gout
    • arthritis
  2. Rootstock
    • diuretic
    • prostate health
    • manage testosterone level in women

Warning: The stinging trichomes on both leaves and stems releases acetylcholine, formic acid, histamine and serotin. Irritation can last up to 12 hours.