Experiment 2: Handmade grow bag. Yay or nay?

In this experiment, I will be attempting to grow eggplants using a grow bag made out of recycled material. Items used:
Serbajadi Gardening Eggplant seeds BBS007
Serbajadi Gardening Compost
* Handmade grow bag made out of recycled guni bags

What am I looking to find out?
I want to know:
* If the handmade grow bag design is able to hold the soil together throughout the growing process
* Will there be any water drainage issues
* How will the plant roots turn out – healthy?

Photo taken 26/08/17

Step 1: Place sufficient amount of soil into the handmade grow bag

Step 2: Water the soil (I am using harvested rain water)

Step 3: Check if the soil is fully wetted. As you can see here, there is not enough water in this bed

Perfect condition: Drenched soil but not soaking wet

Serbajadi Vegetable Seeds Eggplant BBS007

Step 4: Place the seeds onto the soil bed. Personally I prefer to spread them about 2 inches apart to enable easier plant transplant for later stage
Transplanted a few more to a new grow bag but changed my mind as I’m interested to find out how will the eggplants turn out growing together in a tight space but porous bag.

This plant is on the border and it is looking healthy
Harvest at Days 73.