Potted Apple Mint


Plant Information

English name: Apple Mint
Malay name: Pudina
Chinese name: 薄荷

Botanical name: Mentha Suaveolens
Family: Lamiaceae

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  • promotes digestion
  • reduces nausea and headache
  • high antioxidant
  • anti inflammatory
  • treats common cold
  • improves oral health


Plant care

Safe for pets? No



  • Keep plants in check by harvesting the tips regularly
  • When planted in pot and the pot of mint becomes congested, upend the container and ease out the root ball. Gently split it in half or desire portions teasing the roots apart and repot into individual portion with fresh soil.
  • Easy to propagate from stem cuttings – either put 10cm (4 inch) stem cutting into damp soil or stand in water until rooted

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