SERBAJADI Deep Green Long Bean Seeds / Biji Benih Kacang Panjang Hijau Gelap / 青长豆角种子 (BBS049) (+/- 10 Vegetable Seeds)


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Serbajadi Deep Green Long Bean – Vigna sinensis L.   Leguminosae        

Deep Green Long bean is an annual climbing herb and is a very popular legume. The stems grow to 4 m, climbing in an anticlockwise direction and bearing trifoliate leaves. Young pods and leaves are eaten as vegetables and are added to numerous traditional dishes (soups, stews, curries). Beans are at their tastiest when pods are full sized and firm and freshly picked, so harvest frequently; this also encourages greater yields.

Type of vegetable: Seeds bearing pods

Edible parts: Fleshy green immature pods and leaves.



Best soil: Do best in full sun on fertile, slightly alkaline soil, improved with plenty of organic matter. The plant tolerates acid soils and can be grown in areas with very low rainfall.

How to plant: Deep Green Long bean should be grown in beds. Erect appropriate supports before sowing or planting out to avoid damaging young plants.

When to harvest: About two weeks after flowering.

How to harvest:  Cut pods with a pair of scissors.

Care: Water generously when flowering starts, to encourage pods to set. Avoid applying too much nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Leave the nutrient-rich roots to break down in the soil after harvest.



Keep away from children and pets.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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